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All About Saree Blouses

All About Saree Blouses; Trend Alert and Dos & Don’ts!


Sarees flatter every skin tone, age, and body type. And the sheer elegance sarees exude can’t be matched by any other women’s ethnic clothes. The evergreen saree and blouse duo are versatile and well-suited for all festive celebrations and wedding ceremonies. However, the key to rocking a saree is in the little details like the style, colour, or print on the blouse.

A well-fitted and crafted saree blouse can take any simple saree look to the next level! In today’s blog, we will be briefly covering- how to pick the perfect blouse for dressing your body type, trending blouse designs of this season, and what necklines or blouse designs might not work for you.

Trendy Designer Blouses according to Different Body Types: 

Apple-shaped Body Type

If you have a fuller bust with broad shoulders but slender arms and legs, your body type is Apple. Blouse designs that will work wonders for you are:

  • Blouses or ethnic crop tops with wide necklines and full or elbow-length sleeves
  • Try picking a blouse with a single colour/shade
  • Go for lighter fabrics like Georgette, chiffon, crepe, lace etc., for a more structured and sassy look.


  • heavy embellishments or embroideries around the neckline as they can give you a fuller appearance
  • Deep or plunging necklines.

Inverted Triangle Body Type

Do you have prominent shoulders, a heavy bust, a slimmer waist, and narrow hips? If yes, then your body type is an inverted triangle. To create an appealing silhouette, all you have to do is strike a balance between your heavy upper half and narrow bottom. Blouse designs that will work wonders for you are:

  • Boat necks, asymmetric, v-neckline, and off-shoulder blouse styles
  • Simple and short sleeves for creating a slimming effect
  • Dark, solid, or neutral-coloured blouses to downplay the heavy upper half


  • High-neck blouses will throw off your entire look because of the disproportion
  • Saree blouses with heavy embellishments or embroidery on heavy fabrics.

Pear-shaped Body Type

Women with pear structures tend to accumulate weight around their thighs, arms, and/or buttocks. They also tend to have defined waists and relatively smaller busts than their hips. If this is your body type, the best way to create a flattering ensemble is by drawing attention to your bust/upper half. Blouse designs that will work wonders for you are:

  • Bright-coloured, embellished, or printed blouses
  • Go for a statement or dramatic sleeve style
  • Backless blouses and peplum blouses (with cinched waist)


  • Short blouses, body-snugging ethnic crop tops, and bustier blouses, as these styles, will throw you off proportion.

Hour-glass Body Type

If you have a balanced and well-proportionate body with a narrow waist, your body type is an hour-glass. Blouse designs that will work wonders for you are:

  • Blouses with wide, deep round, or scoop necklines
  • Embellished ethnic jackets and ethnic crop tops with thin straps or sleeves designs
  • Peplum ethnic tops/blouses, wrap tops, and strappy embellished blouses.


  • Baggy or ill-fitted blouses
  • Long blouses will hide your assets.

Rectangle Body Type

Women with equal bust, hips, and waist (that appear vertically aligned) have a rectangle body type. To dress this body type the focus should be on giving an appearance/illusion of curves. Blouse designs that will work wonders for you are:

  • Corset tops, high-neck blouses, noodle-strapped blouses, well-fitted ethnic crop top blouses
  • Blouses with heavy embellishments and embroideries
  • You can also style an off-shoulder or sleeveless blouse to highlight your toned arms.


  • Ill-fitted or loose blouses
  • Square or straight necklines will give a more column or boxy look.

Now that you know what will work for your body type. Head over to Indya and explore their stunning designer saree blouses andIndian dresses for women online and turn heads- wherever you go! 

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