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Different type of shoes. Tips how to choose?


You will certainly agree, as we do, that the type of toe of a pair of shoes plays an important role. This affects not only its appearance, but also the comfort and general appearance of the figure. With pointed-toe pumps, your legs will appear longer, while in square-toed boots, you visually decrease the size of your feet. Let’s discover all types of shoe tips together!

Pointed shoes are not suitable for all feet. Read on and find out how to choose your shoes wisely.

1. Round toe shoes

Rounded toes are one of the most universal and timeless. According to specialists, they also have a beneficial effect on the health of our feet. Round-toed shoes don’t constrict the toes , so you can easily avoid discomfort and abrasions. Shoes with this cut will be perfect for women with wide and thick feet. If you are one of them, choose from pumps or rounded toe boots.

2. Almond toe shoes

Another type of shoe tip, although slightly less popular, is the almond model. As you can easily guess, it has the shape of an almond. It is therefore neither completely round nor pointed and tapers gently towards the base. Such shoes are distinguished by incredible elegance, and in addition they fit almost any foot .

3. Pointed toe shoes

Pointed toe shoes have aroused great interest for years, thanks to their ability to lengthen and slim the legs. In addition, you can easily intensify this effect by choosing a flesh-colored pointed heel or the same color as the tights. There is only one “but”. If you have wide feet , narrow-toed shoes can (but don’t have to!) Injure you and cause discomfort.

4. Square toe shoes

Square toe is currently the trendiest type of pointe shoes. Indeed, they have a number of significant advantages. First of all, shoes with square toes do not constrict at the toes and thus provide more comfort. On the other hand, a sharply cut toe gives the impression of a smaller foot.

The history of the Salomon brand begins after the Second World War in the city of Annecy – the cradle of mountaineering located in the heart of the Alps. The Salomon family took care of the production of saws and the sharpening of skis before launching into the production of leather belts. After a little less than thirty years, the brand began to produce alpine ski boots that quickly conquered the market .

The crucial year for the future of the brand is 1992 – it is at this time that Salomon expands its offer and offers trekking shoes and outfits and accessories for mountain hikes whose reputation has not been denied. since . If so, it is because the brand’s products are equipped with innovative technological solutions . Let us quote a few:

the Ortholite material, used in the production of insoles. It makes them shock- absorbing, able to adapt to the foot and ensure good ventilation for the latter,

the Sensifit system, which helps to properly seat the foot, protects it from friction, prevents blisters and leaves room for the toes,

The shoes of this brand are distinguished by good stabilization of the ankle which reduces the risk of sprain and ensures comfort and safety . These shoes will also protect you from harsh weather conditions.

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