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Do laptop sleeves cause overheating?


When you spend a lot of money on a high-end laptop like a MacBook, it’s only natural to worry about the best way to protect it.

Do you put your expensive computer in a hardshell macbook pro case to keep it safe? Or would that ruin the look and feel of sophistication that you’ve worked so hard to achieve?

In a strange twist of irony, could a case end up causing damage to the MacBook’s hardware? Do laptop sleeves cause overheating?

Do laptop sleeves cause overheating?

Laptops often have vents, which are meant to help keep the devices cool. If your case blocks these vents, the temperature inside the laptop may rise, which could make it work less well overall?

But if you have a MacBook Air model M1, which doesn’t have vents, you don’t have to worry about this problem.

Best laptop sleeves don’t cause overheating

Mosiso case

The fact that the Mosiso case is lightweight is beneficial for the hinge of the MacBook.

But, in this particular scenario, the lightness appears to be more suggestive of a thin protection than of a sleek design.

It will prevent scratches, but I wouldn’t put too much stock in it giving protection against anything more serious than that.

Although the laptop case can be attached by snapping it on, and it appears like it will remain attached, the fit is not very good.

Because of the irregular cutting of the top anchors, putting together the display half can be challenging.

There is a distinct space between the laptop and the casing across the bottom half of the device. It seems as though the back vents are partially clogged, which may result in the vehicle overheating.

The color does not correspond with the gorgeous cyan displayed in the picture on the item, which is a great shame. It’s a lighter, more pastel shade of mint.

The fact that the case comes with two attractive keyboard covers is definitely a plus. Sadly, the pigment has some irregularities in it.

Also, it has a screen protector; yet, a screen protector on a laptop serves what purpose exactly? Nonetheless, the cleaning cloth that is supplied in the package is useful.

In general, it has a great appearance, but the quality is severely lacking in some key areas. You could get a better deal elsewhere for your money.

Fintie case

The Fintie Protective Case has the appearance and the sensation of being an upgraded version of the conventional hard shell case.

The surface has a coating that looks and feels like leather but is actually polycarbonate, which gives it a rugged appearance.

A few discrete anchors attach the laptop cover firmly to the MacBook without obstructing the view of the display or interfering with the functionality of the speakers.

But, the durable material does not come without a price: It is obvious that this contributes a significant amount of additional weight to the display.

It is promised that the cutouts will leave the vents unblocked to allow for effective cooling, and at first glance, the MacBook appeared to have a sufficient amount of space to move its air about.

Even if the imitation leather doesn’t offer much in the way of padding, the case as a whole nevertheless provides an additional layer of protection from scratches and drops for the MacBook.

Incase case

MacBook fits inside of this case so snugly that it is almost as if the case were an integral component of the computer itself. It is hardly surprising that Apple offers it directly from their website.

Although the price tag is steep, purchasing incase case can be well worth it. The material used here achieves a remarkable balance between its durability and its light weight.

 Also, it safeguards the laptop without placing unnecessary strain on either the hinge or the display.

Tips to stop laptop Overheating

Let’s look at some basic and straightforward techniques to prevent your laptop from becoming overheated:

Check and clean the fans

When you can feel your laptop getting hot, put your hand right next to one of the fan vents.

 If you can feel hot air coming out of your laptop’s vents, this means that the cooling fan inside is working right.

If you can barely feel any air coming from the fan, dust may have built up on it or it may have stopped working altogether. You can open the machine’s case and clean out the dust with air that has been pushed in.

If the fan stopped working, you should look for a new one to replace it. Think about the fact that you should talk to a professional if you’re not sure you can open the laptop by yourself.

Elevate your laptop

If a laptop gets too hot, it could be because there isn’t enough airflow under it. If you put a book or something else under your computer, it will be at a better height for working.

Using a book is one way to keep your laptop cool, but buying a laptop cooling pad is even better because it will let enough air flow under your machine.

You can buy one of the many different kinds of cooling fans for laptops that are sold here.

Use a lap desk

Using a lap desk is another way to get enough airflow. The little rubber feet on the bottom of your laptop give it a normal height so that air can flow underneath it.

Still, some people choose to put their laptops on their laps while they work. This makes it harder for air to move under the laptop, which eventually causes it to get too hot. If you use a lap desk, it will keep your laptop cooler because it helps keep the air moving.

Controlling fan speed

Maintaining a steady flow of air through your laptop will keep the fans from spinning at maximum capacity.

When your computer’s fan is operating at a fast speed, it indicates that the central processing unit (CPU) is working hard, which may cause the CPU to become hotter.

 Installing apps such as SpeedFan for Windows enables users to control the speeds of their fans.

Avoid using intense processes

If your laptop is getting too hot, it could be because you are doing a lot of work on it. You can keep your laptop from overheating by getting rid of tasks like these from your system.

For example, browsers that support video in Flash will put a lot of stress on the central processing unit. The central processing unit (CPU) will start to get hotter, which will make the fans go faster.

Because of this, it is strongly suggested that you add the FlashBlock extension to your web browser so that flash videos only play when they are needed.

Keep your laptop out of the heat

Last but not least, if you leave your laptop in the sun for a long time, especially during the warmer months, it could get too hot.

High temperatures can cause a computer to overheat and shut down because the hard drive will expand and the battery will be damaged.

Because of this, you should keep your laptop in the shade when the weather is very hot. As soon as you notice that your laptop is overheating, shutting down without warning, and running much slower than usual, you should take it to a repair shop as soon as possible.

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