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How to find the perfect fit for your panties


Finding the perfect fit for your panties is paramount for comfort, confidence, and style. But not everyone knows what to look for in panties while purchasing them. Panties have varieties aplenty. They vary in shape, cuts, designs, styles, and fits to add to the selection dilemma. Here are a few handy tips to help you pick the best of the lot that you will love to put on.

Measure your size correctly

Your hunt for the perfect fit for your panties starts with measuring your waist and hips. Do not go with a plus or minus size. With underwear, the case is you cannot try it out even in a brick-and-mortar store and put it back if it does not fit as you want it to. It makes being familiar with your measurements essential. Anything too tight may cause chafing and itching. Similarly, if the panties you choose are too loose, you might miss out on the comfort and support you need. So, picking the right size is essential for the perfect fit.

Choose the right style

Buying panties and not talking about style do not get along well. Panties come in plenty of styles, including hipsters, bikini panties, shorties, full briefs, etc., to add to the trouble of finding the best fit. One that fits one does not necessarily work the same for the other. So, consider a style that suits your figure best and gives you the needed comfort. You may invest in bikini panties for a slimmer look and added glamor, whereas hipsters should be your go-to choice for more coverage and extra comfort. You may choose them based on the level of support and comfort you want.

Look for stretchy, breathable fabrics

Fabrics could also be the culprit if a panty does not fit you or is uncomfortable to wear. While buying panties, make sure the fabric is soft and breathable. Panties made from stretchy fabrics, such as Super Combed Cotton, Nylon Elastane, and Micro Modal, give you a better fit and greater comfort. Whether you like bikini panties or any other style, the fabrics above will take comfort to the next level.

Select the right brand

Not all brands are the same, as different brands fit differently. You might have tried various brands, so you better know what works best for you. Stick to that one for the perfect fit. However, you may try others for a change. Give Jockey a try for a perfect balance of style and comfort.

Pay attention to the waistband and leg opening

The waistband should fit comfortably and not dig in or slide down. If it is too tight, it will leave marks on your waist and lead to discomfort. Make sure it is ultra-soft, whether you choose an exposed or concealed one. Leg openings should also fit comfortably. Too loose leg openings will ride up, while tighter ones will restrict your leg movement.

Wrap up

When buying panties, everything, from size to style and fabrics to waistband, has a fair share in making the selection easy. Considering these factors will help you find the perfect fit for your panties.

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