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The best sports bra to pair with your favourite type of workout


Finding the right sports bra could be tricky because not all bras are ideal for all sports. What makes the selection even trickier is the variety of styles and fabrics bras for women come in.

The selection of bras for women should not depend only on what colour and style suit your personality and figure. Instead, it must base more on what sports you are into, the level of intensity it includes, and the level of support it needs. Apart from style and type, fitting is another critical determinant when shopping for the best sports bra to pair with your favourite workout.

Before digging into what type of sports bra will be your best pick, let us first understand the underlying benefits of wearing the right sports bra.

Benefits of wearing the right sports bra

Every woman has individual tastes and preferences when shopping for a sports bra, but none wants to compromise comfort. No matter what sports you are into, the right bra makes you feel comfy and confident, allowing freedom of movement. At the same time, it provides the needed support and minimises breast bounce. In addition, wearing the right sports bra keeps your busts in good shape and reduces the chances of injuries.

When buying bras for your favourite workout, there are a few factors to consider, such as the level of impact, the support needed, comfort, and individual preferences. Here are some popular sports bra options for different types of workouts.

Different types of sports bras for different types of workouts

Low-impact sports bras

Opt for a low-impact bra for activities that involve minimal bounce. These kinds of bras provide light support and are ideal for walking, yoga, Pilates, etc. If you are into such a sport, low-impact bras should be your go-to choice. Look for soft, breathable fabrics that allow maximum airflow and feel gentle on the skin. Also, it is worth noting that compromising on the fitting could lead to a poor purchase.

Medium-impact sports bras

Activities like cycling, hiking, or weight lifting that involve moderate bounce call for wearing a bra with a little more support. For such sports, low-impact sports bras are commendable. These bras for women provide adequate support and minimize the bounce, resulting in enhanced performance. Again, the fabric should be soft, breathable, and skin-friendly as it is a matter of comfort.  Since not all brands offer the same quality, here is a catch. Look for a trusted brand for assured comfort and quality.

High-impact sports bras

You can opt for high-impact bras for running, aerobics, wrestling, hockey, football, and sports that involve maximum bounce and require high-level support. The fabric should be breathable, stretchable, durable, and lightweight, so you can feel comfortable while playing. Some other features you may look for in your bras are stay-fresh-and-dry treatment, padded cups/removable pads, adjustable straps, full coverage, racer back, and front zipper for extra comfort.

Some other considerations

In addition to the type of bra suitable for the sports you are into, you should invest in the right style, colour, and fit. Choosing a plus or minus size could lead to unexpected discomfort while playing, thus affecting your performance negatively. So, it is essential to measure your size correctly before shopping for sports bras for women.

To conclude

Choosing the right sports bra to pair with your favourite sports requires considering everything, from the right size to style, fit, and the level of support you need while playing. Fabric is another crucial factor for extra comfort and a positive workout experience.

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