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The Ultimate Guide To Bridal Lehengas Choosing Your Dream Ensemble


Introduction To Bridal Lehengas

The first thought that comes to every woman’s mind when her wedding date is announced, is her dream bridal lehenga. She expresses her joy over the choice of her wedding dress and also shows how well she knows her roots. At Indian weddings, most guests eagerly anticipate the moment when they can catch a glimpse of the bride adorned in her exquisite dulhan lehenga. So, now you can judge the importance of selecting the right one for your big day. A perfect lehenga will not only give you some wonderful photos but also let you win your to-be-husband’s heart all over again. In case you are getting married soon start your hunt for the perfect bridal lehenga online today.

Types Of Bridal Lehengas

Earlier a wedding lehenga meant a red lehenga. But narratives are changing now. Brides love to try new lehenga designs to get a unique look. Let’s understand a few lehengas here-

  1. Traditional Bridal Lehengas: Brides who are desi at heart and love everything Indian, should go for these lehengas.
  2. Red Bridal Lehengas- When you hear the word bridal lehenga, the first image in your mind will be a red bridal lehenga. No doubt, it looks warm and energic on a new bride so you can go for it.
  3. Embroidered Bridal Lehengas- An embroidered bridal lehenga specializes in precise handwork. It makes a stunning piece for the brides and offers a queenly look. 
  4. Banarasi Bridal Lehengas- Made on rich Banarasi silk fabric, this lehenga is known for its zari work and craftsmanship. It makes the bride look like a royal queen.
  5. Contemporary Bridal Lehengas: These lehengas are chosen by brides who are desi at heart but like to try a videsi look on their special day.
  6. Pastel Bridal Lehengas- Modern brides love a designer bridal lehenga that is done in nude or pastel hues. These soft and warm shades can be baby pink, mint green, off-white, and more. This trend was started by Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma but is very popular amongst brides even today.
  7. Fusion Bridal Lehengas- These lehengas blend ethnic vibe with modernity. These lehengas look one of a kind and are super stylish. 
  8. Designer Bridal Lehengas- A designer bridal lehenga is a renowned piece crafted by a famous designer by paying attention to each detail. This lehenga has an unparalleled beauty. 

Fabric And Embellishments

A dulhan lehenga should only be of rich fabric so that it leaves its mark. Bridal lehengas in silk or velvet look royal. Other high-end fabrics like georgette and chiffon make the bride feel comfortable throughout the function. Designer bridal lehenga made of organza is also winning hearts these days. Other than the fabric choice of the lehenga, you should also focus on its embroidery and work. Work like sequins and zardozi add the much-needed oomph factor to a bridal lehenga.

Choosing The Perfect Bridal Lehenga

When you check a bridal lehenga online, you might get stuck at one but don’t say yes to it right away. You need to consider a few factors before you make the final call.

  • Go for the lehenga that matches your body shape. If you have a wider bottom, then go for a flared lehenga skirt. For an hourglass-shaped body, drape your dupatta in such a way that it offers a balanced look. A red bridal lehenga looks lovely for a fair-toned bride.
  • Other than this, have the décor scheme of the event in mind. Your outfit should complement the aesthetics and requirements of the event.

Just wearing the right lehenga is not enough. Teaming it up with the right ornaments and accessories is what will make you look different. Wear a heavy choker with a deep-neck blouse. You can even go for both long and short neckpieces to up your fashion appeal. For traditional lehengas, gold or Kundan ornaments look good while for modern lehengas, brides generally choose diamonds or polki. Choosing floral hair accessories, hath phool, maang tikka, nose ring, etc also adds to your bridal look.

Styling Tips For Bridal Lehengas

A dulhan lehenga looks incomplete if not styled well. Here are some ways to style a bridal lehenga-

  1. You can pin one dupatta on your head and pleat the other one around your neck. This look will keep you enjoying your wedding as a cool bride, just like Parineeti Chopra.
  2. In case you are carrying one dupatta, drape it overhead and chest to look as elegant as a Sikh bride. 
  3. One of the easiest yet trendy styles is to pin the dupatta low on the bun and pleat the rest over one shoulder. 
  4. Drape one pallu on your head and the other one like a saree. This draping style will help you create a ravishing look with your red bridal lehenga

Just draping the dupatta is not enough. You need to select a good makeup artist so that your makeup and hairstyle are in order. You can opt for loose curls like many modern brides or go for a low bun with floral accessories. Don’t go for heavy makeup that looks too much. Subtle and nude makeup is loved by brides these days. 

Care And Maintenance

You have to make sure that you keep your lehenga in such a way that it looks flawless on the main day. Consider it as gold and take due care of it. Don’t fold your lehenga and try to protect it from encountering any sharp objects. Also, make sure that it is covered so that it doesn’t attract any dust. Once you have worn it, let it air dry for some time. Later, keep it in a breathable garment bag. Don’t hand wash it at home, always choose professional dry cleaning. By taking some precautions you can keep your lehenga as good as a new one. 

Where To Find Bridal Lehengas

Nowadays, there are so many designers that offer trendy bridal lehengas. For a designer piece, check out famous ones like Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, Anita Dongre, and others. If you wish to pick up an exceptional piece that makes you look like a diva, you can check out KALKI Fashion’s collection. The brand has both an online and offline presence and is known for offering bridal lehengas that resonate with the taste of modern-day brides. 


A red bridal lehenga or any bridal lehenga holds a very special place in every bride’s heart. It is not just an emotional feeling to wear your wedding lehenga but has a cultural association too. So, picking up the best piece is very important for a bride-to-be. Every woman can find her dream lehenga if she has the right knowledge and information. So, if you are getting married anytime soon, head out and buy your dream lehenga and look picture-perfect on your big day. 

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