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5 Things to Bear in Mind before Breast Reconstruction Specialist


Breast reconstruction surgery is a medical procedure intended to restore the shape and appearance of a breast following a mastectomy, which involves the removal of a breast. The goal of this surgical technique is to create a new breast mound that closely resembles the natural look of a breast. It can be performed to reconstruct either one breast (unilateral) or both breasts (bilateral). The primary aim of this surgery is to produce a breast mound that harmonizes with the appearance of the remaining breast. In situations where both breasts have been removed, the objective is to recreate two breast mounds that approximate the size of the woman’s original breasts.

1.     Your Breasts Won’t Look the Same As Before

The objective of breast reconstruction is to restore the aesthetic appearance of the breast following a mastectomy. Nevertheless, achieving a replica of your previous breast may not always be attainable due to factors such as cancer-related damage, the unique condition of your breast, surgical outcomes, and various other considerations. Be assured that during your consultation, we will thoroughly address your cosmetic objectives and any potential risks specific to your situation, ensuring you have a clear and realistic understanding of the expected outcomes.

2.     Be Prepared For More Than One Procedure

Patients considering breast reconstruction should understand that the process often consists of multiple steps. This comprehensive treatment plan may encompass various surgical procedures, including breast augmentation, contouring, breast lift, nipple reconstruction, and more.

3.     Recovery May Take Longer

Recovery from breast reconstruction surgery can be a lengthy process, especially when multiple procedures are involved. It’s essential to plan for an extended recovery period, which may require taking time off from work to accommodate the surgeries and periods of downtime. Typically, we recommend refraining from strenuous activities for approximately six weeks after the procedure. During your consultation, we’ll be available to address any questions or concerns you may have about the healing process associated with breast reconstruction.

4.     Choose an Experienced Surgeon

We strongly urge you to thoroughly research your potential surgeon to ensure they possess the necessary expertise and qualifications. Opting for a board-certified plastic surgeon, certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), is highly recommended, as this certification guarantees the required training and education. Additionally, it’s wise to choose a surgeon with a proven track record of successful breast reconstruction surgeries.

5.     Make Informed Choices

Factors such as your breast cancer treatment, body type, desired breast shape, and lifestyle will influence both your reconstruction options and the associated pros and cons. Your plastic surgeon will guide you in selecting the most suitable reconstruction method to achieve optimal results while minimizing potential complications. Many women who undergo breast reconstruction are ultimately satisfied with their chosen method. Most current reconstruction techniques have a relatively low risk of complications for suitable candidates.

Should you decide to proceed with breast reconstruction surgery, rest assured that our skilled surgeons will be with you every step of the way, striving to achieve the most natural-looking results possible. Our team is dedicated to assisting you in making the best decision for your unique needs and aesthetic goals.

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