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A Gentle and Safe Pregnancy Skincare Guide: Nurturing Your Skin Through the Journey


Pregnancy is a remarkable phase in a woman’s life, marked by joyous anticipation and unique challenges. Amid the excitement of expecting a new life, women often experience hormonal changes that manifest in skin alterations. While some may revel in the famed “Pregnancy glow,” others may grapple with skin concerns such as acne flare-ups, dryness, hyperpigmentation, and stretch marks. Navigating these changes requires a gentle and cautious skincare routine that ensures maternal and fetal well-being.

Choosing the right skincare products becomes crucial during pregnancy, prioritising safety without compromising efficacy. This guide recommends a simple yet effective skincare routine using safe and effective products.

Morning Routine:

1. Cleanser:

   – Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar or Cetaphil Baby Mild Bar.

2. Sunscreen:

– SAFESCREEN Brigade Road is a pregnancy-safe mineral sunscreen with non-nano zinc oxide boasting SPF 50+, PA ++++,  6-hour water resistance and up to 89% natural content.

Evening Routine:

1. Cleanser:

– Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar or Cetaphil Baby Mild Bar to effectively remove sunscreen residue.

2. Anti-aging/Skin Rejuvenation/Acne Control:

– Light Routine® LED face mask is a chemical-free option with specific protocols for various skin concerns.

3. Moisturizer:

– For oily, acne-prone skin: Peptide Therapy Intense Repair Gel and for dry skin: Peptide Therapy Intense Repair Creme multifunctional face moisturizer.

4. Skincare Tips During Pregnancy:

Balanced Diet:

   – Maintain a well-balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables to support overall skin health.

Ingredients to Avoid:

– Steer clear of skincare products containing retinoids, high-dose salicylic acid, hydroquinone, phthalates, chemical UV filters, parabens, and essential oils during pregnancy.

Pregnancy triggers hormonal changes that reflect in skin alterations, often considered normal and transient. Pigmentation, a common occurrence during pregnancy, tends to fade naturally on the body but may persist as melasma on the face. Protecting the skin from the sun is paramount, and physical sun protection, including wide-brimmed hats and clothing, can complement the use of sunscreen. The holistic approach to skincare during pregnancy emphasises overall well-being and sun protection.

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