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Pearls in Your Makeup Look

5 Tips to Include Pearls in Your Makeup Look


There is a new beauty trend that involves the use of pearls of different sizes. The makeup trend is fun and edgy. For those who love pearls, this is yet another way to incorporate their favorite beads into their overall look. Pearl makeup may not be an everyday look, but it is great for parties, music festivals, and events of all kinds.

You can find an easy-to-follow pearls makeup look tutorial to help you get started. Here are tips to include pearls in your makeup look.

The Edgy Eyelid

A basic yet beautiful way to use pearls in your makeup is a single pearl on the lower eyelid. You can give your eyes an edgy look using pearls. After applying your eye shadow, add a pearl to complement the look.

You can use several pearls of different sizes. The best thing about pearls is that you can use them with an eyeshadow of any color. The color makes them ideal to use with bright-colored eye makeup.

Use Pearl Eyeliner

Take a break from black or brown eyeliner and update your look with pearls. Pearl eyeliners are a great way to highlight beautiful eyes. You can make a statement with a simple touch of eyelid pearls. This look is striking without being over-the-top. After applying your eye shadow, line your eyes with the pearls as you do with eyeliner.

Adorn the Crease

You can use pearls to adorn your eyelid crease. A cut crease is a great way to highlight your eyes. You can give your eye shadow an extra kick using tiny pearls. Applying the pearls on the entire crease to the tail of the brow will create the perfect party look. Pearls work great with light, and you can use them alongside dark eyeshadow.

Update Your Wings

Update your wing liner look using some pearls. You can create the perfect cat eyes using different size pearls. Instead of using eyeliner to draw the wing, use pearls. Starting at the bottom, use the largest pearl and finish with the smaller ones as you get to the top of the wing. The pearl wings can work great with or without any other eye makeup.

Eye Inner Corner

Adorning the eye corner will help transform your entire look. Most people know that shimmery eye shadow can open up your eyes, but you can go one step higher with pearls. U sing pearls on the inner corner will highlight your eye makeup.

If your eyes are looking tired, the pearl makeup hack will make you look brighter and more awake. A single pearl in the eye corner will add extra definition and brighten your eyes.


The pearl makeup look is easy to accomplish when you do not have much time. Placing two pearls beneath each eye will make a statement with little effort or time. You can nail the striking look for any occasion. You can use pearls as the center of attention for your overall look. A scattering of pearls on your temples can be all the makeup you need. You can use pearls on any part of your face or body.

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