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If you are new to the jewelry making  industry, or are looking for something new and a little different to try yourself, why not practice making earrings? Not only are they beautifully simple to create, but dangling earrings are a great way to show off your favorite pearls of all shapes and colors.

We’ve put together a step-by-step guide for those of you wondering how to make simple dangling earrings. From choosing your beads to using your jewelry making tools.


Making dangling earrings doesn’t have to be a difficult task. All you need is an idea of ​​how you want your earrings to look, and the following tools and materials:


Pearls of choice

Headpins or endpins

Earring hooks



Step One: Plan Your Pearl Design

If you’re wondering how to make pearl earrings, it’s important that you plan out your design before you start adding your pearls to your pins. You can choose a single single bead, or maybe a stack of different sizes and colors. You can experiment with different options before you start, but make sure you don’t take up more than two-thirds of the length of the pins. Otherwise, you won’t be able to create pin loops properly (more on that in step four).

Second step: put on your pearls

Starting with the bottom bead, carefully thread your beads onto your pin or pin. You might not like your design once it’s on the pin, but there’s nothing stopping you from removing the beads and starting over.

Depending on the length of your earrings , you may want to try different pins or earrings. Browse our selection of bobby pins online and start creating earrings for your collection.

Step Three: Bend Your Pin

Once you are happy with your bead pattern, grab the pin just above the top bead and with your thumb gently bend the pin horizontally at a 90 angle. Be careful when doing this as you will not do not want to cause unnecessary damage to your pin or beads.

Fourth step: loop your pin

Now it’s time to create a fastening loop. This can be quite tricky, especially if you’re making a pair of smaller earrings, so take your time and don’t put too much pressure on your pins.

Picking up your pliers, gently hold the pin above the 90 bend. As you grip . As you pull the pin, rotate your pliers clockwise. Then pull the end of the pin around the loop to secure it.

There are many collections of jewelry clips ideal to help you make the perfect pair of earrings. Browse round nose pliers to make creating your pin curls easier.

Step five: put away your curls

You may find that there is excess yarn after you have created your pin loops. Take your jewelry cutters and gently trim the excess making sure the curls stay shapely.

Step Six: Attach Your Earrings to Your Hooks

Whatever cable style you have chosen, now is the time to attach your beaded pins to the cable loops. You’ve basically created a jump ring when you loop your pin or pin. Using your pliers, gently bend the loop, secure it around the loop and pull it tight. Treat this step with care because it’s the last step and you don’t want to damage your design.

There you have it, six simple steps to making earrings. What designs will you create ? Once you have created a few pairs, you can replicate these steps and change the length and bead combinations.

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