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Plus size women’s fashion: 6 brands for ethical dressing


Dressing ethically is not always easy. So, when it comes to looking for references in plus size eco-responsible clothing , things get complicated! Most ready-to-wear shops only offer XL , or even XXL in rare cases. When we have spotted an article that we really like, it is heartbreaking to see that it is unavailable in the desired size. However, I can reassure you: there are indeed ethical AND inclusive brands for all body types. I invite you to discover them through a selection of 6 plus size women’s fashion brands that I particularly like.

What is a REAL plus size brand?

Before cataloging an ethical brand as being a plus size clothing brand or not , we must already agree on the definition of this term. From what size of clothing can we really say that a brand offers items suitable for plus size morphology  ?

In my opinion, a size 44 is not a big size. The average size of French women is between 38 and 44 precisely. I would rather say that from the 46 (or XXL ), it starts to become interesting. However, most sustainable and responsible fashion e-shops do not have such a vast choice, in particular for a question of production cost.

So I looked for brands that may or may not be specialized in plus size women’s fashion and that meet certain essential ethical fashion criteria . The goal is not to be perfect, but to consume better by favoring REAL inclusive clothing brands as much as possible . Bohemian chic, timeless, classy or casual style: there will be something for everyone. What to dress you in conscience with beautiful feminine and elegant pieces!

My selection of plus size women’s fashion

The unruly

We start this selection of plus size ethical brands with made in France . On the L’indisciplinée website , you will only find ethical clothing in non-standard sizes, ranging from 42 to 56. The quality of the textiles is excellent (OEKO-TEX standard 100 fabrics and linen from Brittany) and the clothes are handmade in a sewing workshop in Rhône-Alpes.

This online store offers pretty plus-size pieces for curvy women who want to show off their femininity: skater skirts, wrap dresses, three-quarter-sleeved sweaters, blouses and even linen t-shirts. The catalog is not huge, but you can shop some basics for your sustainable wardrobe .

Leena Paris

French tailoring and plus size women’s fashion are in the spotlight at Leena Paris  ! This responsible brand is a nugget to supply your wardrobe with plus size clothing for women . Leena Paris ‘ sourcing model is ethical and responsible, as the raw materials used are rolls of fabric from overstocked French suppliers.

I’m sure you’ll fall in love with a plus size dress from Leena Paris . You can also take a look at the collection of tops with long sleeves or strappy tops . The materials, the cut, the design and the finishes of each model: everything is thought out to highlight the beauty of your curves and your silhouette. Comfortable AND glamorous women’s clothing to get rid of all your complexes.

Alme Paris

Almé Paris is an inclusive Parisian fashion brand . The clothes are designed for all female body types, with sizes ranging from 36 to 54. This is not a reference to the ultimate in eco-responsibility in terms of materials, but it is an ethical brand. The clothes are of French or European manufacture and produced in good conditions. Also, the cuts are really beautiful and sophisticated. Which is not easy to find in the plus size women’s fashion offer.

Octavia and Leonie

Octavie et Léonie is proof that curvy women can also take advantage of French know-how in terms of clothing  ! Large size women ‘s fashion items are designed in limited series in workshops close to the capital, respecting a social and moral commitment. The available sizes go up to 52, even 54.


If you are a fan of wax fabrics and colorful patterns , you absolutely have to discover Ibilola  ! In addition to having a real environmental and societal commitment, this made in Africa brand has a strong identity. She advocates positive bodysuits and succeeds in emancipating herself from norms thanks to her large size clothing line in shimmering colors and trendy prints.

clothing for plus size women

Every 2 months, the plus size collections are updated and the online store works only with a pre-order system, to manufacture only what will be purchased. In this sense, Ibilola is a real benchmark for plus size and ethical women’s fashion. On the online store, you will find skirts , very original dresses , pants or large kimonos sometimes going up to 58. The pieces are designed in Benin, in an exclusively female workshop.

Loud Bodies

We end this selection of plus size fashion in style with a brand made in Romania. Loudbodies focuses its entire approach on sustainability for its production of plus size women’s clothing . Textile fibers are labeled OKEO-TEX 100 and fabric scraps are recycled to be transformed into pillows or donated to dog shelters. In addition, shipments are packaged in recycled paper and plastic.

Unlike the limited choice on other plus size clothing e-shops , here you will have something to treat yourself with durable pieces up to 10XL and for all occasions. You will be able to fall for a long dress , a floral print blazer , a loose bathrobe with flowing sleeves, a lace top , a Tancell T-shirt or a magnificent midi skirt in all sizes: 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, etc. . In short, paradise for ALL women! The icing on the cake: ultra-stylish removable collars as plus- size accessories to personalize your outfits.

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