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What Is Scalp Sunscreen?


When looking for new beauty products, there are many potential options you may come across. Some of these options are ones you’ve certainly heard of, like foundation and concealer; however, some of them may be a bit more unique. Have you ever heard of scalp sunscreen? Here’s the rundown on what scalp sunscreen is and how it can be helpful.

The Importance of Sunscreen

Everyone should know by now how important sunscreen is. Sunscreen helps you avoid painful burns on your skin, and, of course, it also protects from skin cancer. It’s important that you put sunscreen on anytime you’re going to be in the sun. However, your scalp is also at risk of sunburn, and chances are you can’t put your traditional lotion sunscreen on your scalp. That’s where scalp sunscreen comes in.

Different Types of Scalp Sunscreen

There are many scalp sunscreen options out there, and it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with them. Here are the types of scalp sunscreens you may need to know when you grab your Ulta coupon and head off to prepare for the summer in style:

  • Powder

With scalp sunscreen powder, you apply as you might a powder foundation, except typically to your part and any surrounding hair. If you have very short hair, including a buzz cut, you may apply it all over your head. Some scalp sunscreen powder options come with a brush, while some may require you to use your own brush. Powder typically isn’t waterproof.

  • Misting Spray

The next option is a misting spray. For this option, you spray it as you would any other sunscreen spray, typically to the part. Misting sprays may be waterproof, but you should check the bottle to see more information.

  • Sunscreen Stick

Another possible option is a sunscreen stick. For this, you’ll run the sunscreen stick across your part directly. This can also be a great way to manage your ears, nose, and other areas of your body that may get a lot of sun.

Other Methods of Managing Scalp Sun Protection

There are also many other ways you can protect your scalp from the sun. Here are a few SPF options.

  • Wear a Hat or Other Head Covering

Especially if you’re not planning to swim or go in the ocean at all, a hat may be a great option. Fabric is rated on a UPF scale, so if you want to buy a hat specifically for going outside in the sun, choose one with a high UPF.

  • Try a Swim Cap

Swim caps aren’t just for keeping long hair tidy while you’re swimming. They can also be a great way to avoid sunburns on your scalp, especially in the water. Try wearing one, especially if you have longer hair, to keep your hair out of the way and keep your scalp safe.

  • Stay in the Shade

Finally, you can also try to stay in the shade as much as possible. The more sun you get on top of your head, the higher your risk of getting a scalp sunburn, and a shaded area can help.


A scalp sunburn can be incredibly painful, and it’s often more common because the top of your head may not get as much sun as other areas of your body. However, it is possible to avoid, whether you use sunscreen or an article of clothing. Use these tips to make your scalp sunscreen choices this summer.

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