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Natural face care routine

Natural face care routine: 5 sustainable AND effective solutions


Who has never dreamed of a perfect complexion and radiant skin  ? Morning and evening, we spread our face with anti-aging cosmetic products or revitalizing creams, hoping to achieve the perfect “glow”. What if I told you that it is not necessary to suffocate or intoxicate your epidermis to reduce your wrinkles and sublimate your face  ? No need to spend all your savings on a miracle night cream or a beauty salon either! Instead, I suggest you adopt new 100% natural habits. They are durable, minimalist and completely respectful of your body and your health. So, how to take care of your face naturally ? Here are 5 solutions for a natural face care routine for your well-being.

1. Organic and natural facial care

All lotions or creams for the face are not to be banned! What poses a problem in conventional cosmetics are the allergenic substances harmful to the skin (silicones, parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, synthetic perfumes or denatured alcohol). Finally, these are sources of external aggression that do more harm than good!

The alternative for a natural face beauty routine  : use certified organic care, without controversial chemical components. Beyond the organic label, it is the composition of the cosmetic that should appeal to you.

You can thus bet on make -up or natural facial care that falls into the category of “slow cosmetics”, such as:

There is also a lot of talk about the aloe vera face routine as a 100% natural beauty ritual. This plant helps to promote the elasticity of the skin of the face, by stimulating the renewal of collagen. Organic aloe vera gel also works wonders on dark circles and puffiness under the eyes!

2. Dry brushing

In addition to the minimalist organic face routine with natural and quality products, I also recommend another natural face care routine  : dry brushing.

This technique is quite old, but still unknown in Western culture. If you’ve never heard of this term, maybe other names mean more to you, such as lymphatic brushing or body brushing .

The principle is simple: it’s about brushing your bare skin, without cream or moisturizing gel. The objective is to revive blood circulation, by stimulating cell renewal and the lymphatic system.

This allows you to naturally eliminate dead cells on your epidermis to better oxygenate it, and to unclog your pores. This dry cleaning of the face on the surface will make your skin soft, while facilitating the penetration of the active ingredients of the cosmetics that you will use later.

However, be careful: the lymphatic brushing of the face is not done with just any type of brush. In addition, you have to know the right gestures and master your circular movements so as not to attack your skin! Finally, certain contraindications exist: diseased or damaged skin, inflamed areas or scars, for example.

3. Facial yoga and self-massages

This is THE natural face routine that will help you redefine your features and release all the tension accumulated in your head. It is also an excellent solution against skin aging for mature skin!

Facial yoga consists of practicing multiple exercises so that your figure regains flexibility and tone. Thanks to several facial exercises that you practice regularly and in complete autonomy, you will train your facial muscles in order to cause a plumped effect.

Result: you will look good all the time and your skin will appear rejuvenated!

Yoga and relaxation go hand in hand, it is well known. Face yoga must therefore be coupled with a gesture of facial massage whose objective is to reduce stress and tension in the face.

To do this, there are several facial self-massage exercises , depending on the areas you want to target: the cheekbones, the chin or the famous frown line.

4. Facial acupressure

Here is a fourth natural face care routine to allow you to circulate vital energy: acupressure . It is a natural method inspired by traditional Chinese medicine which aims to rebalance energy by pressing on specific areas of the head, namely the meridians. No need for needles, your fingers are enough!

Practicing facial reflexology as a natural facial beauty routine therefore requires knowing the different specific acupressure points. But after a certain mastery, the feeling of relief is immediate!

You feel invigorated and relieved of all facial tension. However, they are what promote the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and unsightly folds. You will no doubt have understood it: it is in your interest to integrate acupressure into your natural face beauty ritual

5. A healthy lifestyle: the key to a natural face care routine

It’s the best face care routine , by far! Without quality sleep and a balanced diet, you have no chance of having a glowing, radiant, toned and relaxed face. Fatigue, tobacco, foods high in fat or sugar, lack of physical activity and excess alcohol harm the development of your skin, it’s a fact. This promotes pimples, excess sebum, redness or skin dryness.

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